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Total tutorials : 8948
Total views : 2259856
Total votes : 13166

Category with most tutorials :
Photoshop (5327 Tutorials)
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Photoshop (1119221 Views)
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Photoshop (6826 Votes)
Developers' tools and API's


Tutorials Garden has an open Application Programming Interface (API for short). This means that anyone can write their own program to present public TG data (like categories, tutorials) in new and different ways. There's a list of API methods available to you to work with, and I am more than happy when someone uses them, so... go forward and perform experiments!

One thing important!

Tutorials Garden services are experimental and are currently offered to outside developers on an ad hoc basis with no guarantee of uptime or availability of continued service. We reserve the right to disable access to external applications at any time.

Make your own tutorial system using TG API

Anyone is free to write tutorial system with available TG data via our API. Here's how to get started:
1. Read the API documentation below
2. Get an API Key here
3. After you have learned how to use API and you have your API Key, build your own tutorial system.

Ready Made App

Yes its right, I have coded a PHP script that uses TG APIs to display, submit, rate and report tutorials. You can download it free, and start your own tutorial website. To learn more about Ready Made App, please click here.

Available Services

Following is the list of webservices that are currently available.

1. submitTutorial

2. reportTutorial

3. rateTutorial

Available XML

Tutorials Garden exposes some of its data through XML which can be further customised with additional parameters. Currently "Tutorials" and "Categories" are only available through XML, I will also expose these stuff on webservices in future.

1. Categories

2. Tutorials

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